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Got Gigs? Get Giggio...
Giggio was made for Entertainers like you.

Whether you’re a magician, musician, singer or DJ, Giggio will make your life easier. It’ll drastically reduce the amount of time you spend doing your admin, and put you in control of your business. From the initial enquiry to receiving payment, Giggio will streamline your workflow and do the hard work for you.
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Why Choose Giggio?

Christopher Hurst

“I’ve tried other software but they were either
too complex or had an unintuitive interface”

That's because Giggio is the only CRM software programmed exclusively for entertainers like you.
Every other system on the market has been built on existing generic CRM software, with tweaks to make it
appear to be just for entertainers. Giggio was programmed just for you - and it makes a world of difference.


“It sets the benchmark as the ultimate booking system”

Giggio is the perfect choice for entertainers because it was created from scratch for entertainers.
And we used top pro entertainers to test it and suggest features throughout its creation.
It’s easy to get started as it only has features that you’ll actually use.

Steve Christie

“Giggio cuts down my admin time by about 2 thirds.
I couldn’t function as an entertainer without it.”

Like a growing number of professional entertainers, you’ll be spending
less time doing admin, and more time doing stuff you enjoy. When you
discover how easy your admin can be you won’t want to be without it.

Chris Harding

Otherwise you will be left behind by the competition!”

The faster you can respond to enquiries, the more chance you have of getting the gig.
The easier you make it to book you, the more chance you have of getting the gig.
The more professional you are, the more chance… you get the idea.
With Giggio you’ll be converting more leads and staying ahead of the competition.

Gary Dunn

“It’s worth EVERY penny and I’d recommend it to anyone!”

The basics of what Giggio does, can be done for free without Giggio. In the same way that you can save on petrol by walking.
Or save on water by not washing. You can make a booking contract in Word, then make an invoice in Excel, then make
a report of all your bookings at the end of the year manually. You’ll be putting the same information in again and again,
and ultimately you’ll be wasting your time with an inefficient system. Your time is valuable, don’t waste it.

Wambui Bahati

“Giggio has given me the tools which have allowed me
to feel more confident about booking my own self.”

Giggio contains professionally designed brandable templates for invoices and Contracts, and even includes
client Terms and Conditions. To get you started in double quick time, it also has email templates for sending
these out to your clients. Even if you had never taken a booking before, Giggio gives you everything you need.
It also leads you through the booking process - It reminds you when you have enquiries to deal with,
tells you if a contract is outstanding, and lets you know when to invoice.

Within no time, you’ll… more organised and more efficient
...have professionally designed paperwork
...have the ability to invoice and confirm contracts digitally
...have all your clients, events, and invoices in one place offering a better experience for your clients in control of your business spending less of your time doing admin

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